2.2% 5 Year Variable Rate Mortgage

Lock-in anytime. A mortgage that works for you.

Qualify for a mortgage before July 15th and receive a leading rate of 2.20%

It doesn’t get much lower than this 5-year variable rate, and in the long run, the lowest rate means money in your pocket.

Flexibility and Peace of Mind
If mortgage rates increase down the road, you can choose to convert from variable to a fixed-rate term equal to or greater than the remaining variable term. For example, 2 years from now, you could choose to lock into a 3-year (or longer) fixed term.

20% Prepayment Option
Our spring mortgage offers members an annual option to put down a 20% prepayment.


*OAC, Some conditions may apply. Rates subject to change without notice. Actual rates may vary.

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